Airport Game Lodge Internship

Airport Game Lodge Internship

We are looking for curious, adventurous, creative, and hard-working international (non-South African) interns with a passion to travel, which means that they will understand our guests’ “frame of mind”. At Airport Game Lodge you will be in the thick from the word go and you will “learn by doing” – hands on. But you will be working with some marvellous and fabulous team members! You will get to know how the industry works, but we also look forward to you bringing change or teaching us about your culture, particularly the good parts.

Desired Skills

  • Hospitality Industry Academy/Institution Training.
  • Fully proficient in English.
  • Fully proficient in at least one other European language. (Most of our guests are from Europe, North America, and Australia/New Zealand.)
  • Good verbal and written communication skills including a fine sense for body language (the language of nature). Making people happy is our goal.
  • Experienced in word, excel, outlook, google drive as well as internet-based hotel management software. Being able to smoothly operate social media and able to make good photographs.
  • The name of the game is teamwork!


  • Working and absorbing this rainbow nation with immense divergence will enrichen your life.
  • Experiencing the richness of this part of the world, from Cradle of Mankind (“We are all Africans”) to intense animal contact, over seeing what people can do to each other believing that it is right.
  • We will support you for additional training such as Tour or Field guide.
  • A Certificate of completion at the end of the three-month term will be issued by Airport Game Lodge.

Program details

  • Internships are unpaid.
  • Shiftwork
  • Accommodation can be negotiated.
  • Minimum requirement of 12-15 hours per week.
  • Maximum period is limited to three months for legal purposes.

Our Corporate Culture

We that work here are from many different nations…

So, we had a meeting to discuss what is important to us…

In essence:

  • Honesty
  • Punctuality
  • Quality
  • Openness (to critical thinking)


Our Goal?:

To make our guests happy

How do we measure that?

  1. Returning guests (“regulars”)
  2. Internet (honest opinions) reviews / ratings
  3. Hearty laughter

That’s us…

To Apply

Please email with your

  1. full contact information,
  2. valid ID & Passport copies,
  3. as well as your current curriculum vitae.

Looking forward to hearing from you!