Airport Game Lodge opened its doors, with only 4 guest rooms , in 1995. At that stage the property consisted of one 3 ha “plot” on agricultural farm land. Since 2015 we have grown to a 9.9 ha estate with 27 guest rooms, an air-conditioned conference venue with a dining room upstairs.

We have planted hundreds of indigenous trees over the last 20 years in order to try and minimize an environmental impact. We keep on doing so every year, despite losing some trees regularly to veld fires and game.

Veld/ Bush fires are managed as well as possible with controlled burning and fire breaks. Our game are semi-tame and carefully managed to prevent inbreeding since their numbers are very small, between 4 and 20 per species.

We support 18 families financially through salaries and wages

Our employees are from the many different cultural and ethnic groups in Southern Africa. We reinvest in our business and people. It grows out of own strength.: YOUR SUPPORT . THANK YOU!

In our humble opinion this is the way for the African Renaissance to succeed: Wakawaka Africa…

Our Staff

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