Airport Game Lodge opened its doors, with only 4 guest rooms , in 1995. At that stage the property consisted of one 3 ha “plot” on agricultural farm land. Since 2015 we have grown to a 9.9 ha estate with 27 guest rooms, an air-conditioned conference venue with a dining room upstairs.

We have planted hundreds of indigenous trees over the last 20 years in order to try and minimize an environmental impact. We keep on doing so every year, despite losing some trees regularly to veld fires and game.

Veld/ Bush fires are managed as well as possible with controlled burning and fire breaks. Our game are semi-tame and carefully managed to prevent inbreeding since their numbers are very small, between 4 and 20 per species.

We support 18 families financially through salaries and wages

Our employees are from the many different cultural and ethnic groups in Southern Africa. We reinvest in our business and people. It grows out of own strength.: YOUR SUPPORT . THANK YOU!

In our humble opinion this is the way for the African Renaissance to succeed: Wakawaka Africa…

We have gone fully digital so we will need your smartphone number please. Airport pickup location, check-in on your smartphone, wakeup calls etc. etc.

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Our Staff

Mark Hartman

Managing Director

Arlene Buitendach


Leyla Bayburt

Marketing & Sales

Rodney Saranewako

Reception Tour & Field Guide

Judy Muza

Reception Tour & Field Guide

Goodwell Magezi

Maintenance Manager

(Monica) Babalwa Mckakula

The Garden Restaurant

Ayida Mkandawire


Happy Kwinika


Maggie Mmakate


Innocent Shaba


Thomas Mokhaukhau


Anele Mcakula



Treat yourself or your partner to a unique South African tradition. The best souvenir – free of charge!

Each guest will receive a packet of beskuit homemade by one of our staff, Arlene. If you like you can buy some more from reception when checking out. We have them ready packed for you to take home.

BESKUIT – Boere Afrikaans tradition since 1690 

At Airport Game Lodge, your life will be enriched. You will have experiences which you are going to think about for the rest of your life! And eating something nice but different is a wonderful experience. One of them is eating BESKUIT.

Why? Well for starters they don’t exist in the rest of the world and are very unique only in SA.Let’s start at the very beginning. Beskuit originates from the French word “bescuit“, but beskuit as we know it, doesn’t exist in France.

There are a number of delicious food in SA, because it is not just a rainbow of nations, it is also a rainbow of culinary delights. Biltong, boerewors, bobotie… just to name a few.

It’s not just the eating of beskuit, it is also the when and how.In the days of slavery that ended in SA in 1806, die koffie met beskuit was brought to the bedrooms of the masters, by the slaves, the window shutters were opened and the day “started” met koffieenbeskuit in bed and of course a nice relaxing, planning of the day.After slavery ended, it converted to a lovely custom of treating your partner. And a very healthy way to start the day.

At Airport Game Lodge, you experience a bit of SOUTH AFRICAN CULTURE. If you are a German, French, Dutch, American, or even a Kenyan, you will probably remember how nice it was to have the rusks with coffee in the morning (whilst in bed).

A little bit of advice: The accepted and correct way to eat a rusk is to dip it in a cup of tea or coffee. This requires practice because if you leave the rusk in the beverage for too long, it gets soggy and could break off into the cup.


Download  recipe PDF files

Or from the QR code at the back of the beskuit packaging.